【About BCNT Token】

As the name of the company suggests, "Blockchain Incentive", BCNT Token is intended to be an incentive token built on the blockchain. In the future, it will focus on the provision of Web 3.0 applications related to asset management companies and exchanges.

【Utility of BCNT Token】

In the past, BCNT Token has been used for various purposes, including performance incentive rewards and margins for Smart Autotrade Service, referral rewards program, and loyalty program. Since then, BCNT Token has also developed various applications, including DeFi (Hotpot Finance) as the DAO governance token, protocols allowing community users to contribute funds, and Web 3.0 (InvestNFT) applications.

In the future, BCNT Token is poised to develop additional applications. In addition to expanding Web3.0 ecosystem applications and actively expanding overseas markets, BCNT Token will also extend its applications to focus on providing services to asset management companies and exchanges, including the planned development of decentralized financial technology for asset verification, token-burning mechanisms, RWA integration service solutions, etc. In addition to providing asset management companies with convenient verification mechanisms on the blockchain, BCNT Token also aims to provide asset management companies with convenient mechanisms for verifying assets on the blockchain, as well as providing asset management companies with the ability to verify assets on the blockchain. In addition to providing asset management companies with a convenient mechanism for verification on the blockchain, BCNT Token also hopes to interface with more Web 2.0 enterprises to cross over to Web 3.0 applications and to provide innovative and transparent functionality for rewarding token mechanism services.

【Introduction of BCNT Token】

BCNT Token is a utility token issued by Bincentive Corporation in 2018. Originally built on the Ethereum blockchain, BCNT Token supports ERC20, ERC865, and BEP20 standards, and has passed the third-party audit unit SlowMist to verify that blockchain contracts are secure and free of loopholes, and are currently circulating on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

【About BCNT Token 2024 / 2025 Development Plan】

Phase 1 (2024.Q2): Develop a novel verification and token-burning approach

  • Establish a suitable verification method (EX: using zero-knowledge proof, or adopting the predictor model).
  • Establish a new BCNT token burning mechanism and add more usage scenarios.
  • Identify and develop potential verifiers and verifiable

Phase 2 (2024.Q4): Test and launch the decentralized verifier service

  • Conduct user interviews and ease-of-use testing with pre-developed potential users.
  • Design a permissionless authenticator mechanism so that general users can also become authenticators.
  • Improve processes based on the data from this phase.

Phase 3 (2025.Q2): Provide enterprise BCNT integration service solutions

  • Verification data can be continuously extended from a single-chain address, or exchange account and integrated with other mechanisms.
  • Verify performance content for the same fund and trader at the same time
  • Partnering with potential companies to provide faster and lower cost mechanisms

BCNT_EN.jpg*The above information is provided by Bincentive Inc. For the latest detailed information, please see its official website:

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