About MaiDeFi

  1. What is Defi?
    • Defi is short for "Decentralized finance". Defi operates in a permissionless and transparent way that anyone can interact with the protocols with a wallet. The nature of its composability maximizes the efficiency of assets; many financial products are derived and developed based on this characteristic. Thus, Defi has become a generational arena that creates high-reward opportunities and gains traction among traditional and crypto traders.
  2. So, what is MaiDeFi?
    • MaiDeFi is a product issued by MaiCoin. MaiCoin acts as an agent to invest the selected coins and amounts on behalf of the customers to generate yields from lending or liquidity mining.
  3. What is an automated market maker (AMM)?
    • An automated market maker is an algorithm that powers pools to enable users to swap coins. The liquidity providers are entitled to the fees and rewards collected from the transactions.
  4. What is “Expected (Est.) Annualized”?
    • Expected or estimated annualized yield is a range of annualized yields presented based on the historical performance of the pools. Annualized yield varies by a few factors:
      1. MaiDeFi service fees
      2. Mining fees
      3. Impermanent losses
      4. Slippages
      5. Swap fees
      6. Prices of the reward tokens in dollar terms
    • Thus, the expected annualized may differ from the realized yield you receive. Please note that the expected yield does not account for our service fees.
  5. Does the expected annualized yield include service fees?
    • No, the presented rate does not account for our service fees.
  6. Is early termination allowed?
    • To exit your subscription before maturity, you will forgo the accrued yield. Additionally, you may incur an early termination fee (a minimum fee may apply). MaiCoin will deposit the remaining amount into your account within three business days.
  7. MaiDeFi fees
    • MaiCoin will subtract fees from the yield generated with the remaining amount deposited into your account. The service fees vary by product. Please refer to the introduction page of the product you intend to subscribe to.
  8. Settlements
    • Once the product matures, settlements will be completed within 3 business days. The yield and principal will be deposited into your account if you decide not to renew your subscriptions.
  9. What are the risks?
    • MaiDeFi should be considered extremely high risk as MaiCoin acts only as an agent on your behalf. Despite its high APY, Defi exposes the users to a greater degree of security risks, which could cause the users to lose the entire investment. Hence, invest only within your risk tolerance.

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