2023/09/01 Free Transaction Fees between MaiCoin and MAX Platforms

Dear MaiCoin Users,

To provide a better service, we are pleased to announce that starting from today, there will be no transaction fees for transferring cryptocurrency between MAX and MaiCoin. Please be advised these transactions will not be broadcasted on blockchain, which allows for real-time transfers providing you with a more convenient trading experience.

If you are using internal addresses within the two platforms, a "Free Transfer" tag will show on the UI as per attached screenshot. Please double-check before initiating the transfer. See the example below:



  • When performing currency transfers between the two platforms, please ensure you use the recipient address for sending transactions. The registered email should only be used for transfers within the same platform.
  • Withdrawals to external addresses will still incur applicable fees. For more details, please refer to the withdrawal fee links below:

We appreciate your support and trust in our company. We will continue striving to provide you with high-quality service.


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