2024/05/21 Introducing MAX Convert

Dear MAX user,

    1. Introducing MAX Convert: A seamless way to exchange your crypto quickly, easily, and securely.
      1. MAX Convert is here to revolutionize your cryptocurrency trading experience with a streamlined platform that caters to your diverse needs.
      2. With MAX Convert, you can effortlessly accomplish the following:
        1. Pre-purchase cryptocurrencies for grid trading: Prepare for your trading strategies by exchanging for the necessary crypto assets in advance.
        2. Optimize asset allocation: Convert multiple cryptocurrency balances into your preferred coins to consolidate your crypto portfolio.
        3. Eliminate/convert small balances (crypto dust): Convert small balances into selected crypto or eliminate dust (if the converted-to-quantity is less than the minimum supported precision) to restructure the portfolio or clear up dust for a better user experience.
        4. Repay borrowing loans: Utilize the Convert feature to repay your loans at favorable exchange rates.
      3. MAX Convert vs. Order Book Trading
        1. MAX Convert stands out from conventional order book trading in several ways:
          1. Cross-Market Trading: Directly exchange currencies across different markets, eliminating the hassle of multiple buy-sell transactions.
          2. Example:
            1. If a user wants to convert LTC to BTC using order books, they would first need to sell LTC for TWD in the LTC/TWD market, buy TWD, and then sell TWD for BTC in the BTC/TWD market. This process is more complex and can lead to unexpected slippage costs.
          3. Locked-in conversion rates: Complete transactions within the quote's validity period, preventing unexpected price fluctuations and additional slippage costs.
        2. Exchanging with MAX Convert is simple:
          1. Log in to your MAX account on the MAX App.
          2. Navigate to the "Convert" page.
          3. Select the currency you want to convert and the amount to sell.
          4. The system will automatically calculate the amount of the converted currency.
          5. Review the conversion rate and the details.
          6. Once confirmed, hit "Confirm" to complete the transaction.
      4. To download MAX App, tap link to https://go.maicoin.com/max on mobile.
      5. For more information, please visit the Convert Service FAQ.

Happy Converting!

MAX Digital Asset Exchange

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