What is 2FA (two-factor authentication)?

MAX uses two-factor authentication which adds a second layer of security for our users. The first factor is your username and password. The second factor utilizes something you have on you, your mobile phone. Whenever MAX asks you for a verification code, you can find it on your mobile phone. Only when we both factors have been verified will you be authenticated.

There are two ways you can receive your verification code on your cell phone, SMS and an Authentication App.

  • SMS: When asked for a verification code, MAX will send the code to your mobile phone via SMS which you can then enter on to the website.

Note: During the registration process, an option was provided to enter a mobile phone number. This automatically sets your second factor as SMS. If you haven’t entered in your mobile phone number, click on My Wallet and click on Security to select your second factor.

  • Authentication Apps: Another option is an Authentication App like Authy which is free. After installing this app on your phone, Authy will generate a verification code you can enter to complete the two-factor process. Google Authenticator may also be used.

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