Why device authorization is needed for login

In order to protect your account safety. When you login from a new device, an email will be sent to assure the request is initiated by you.

Meanwhile, please pay attention to following: 

  1. Please click the authorized link attached in email within time constraint(10 minutes at this moment) 
  2. Please authorize the device which initiated the request. That being said, if you login with mobile phone, it's mandatory to use the same mobile phone to authorize and proceed further. 
  3. Please use the same browser to open authorized link. 
  4. Device authorization will be reset if private mode is enabled(e.g. Chrome Incognito or Firefox Private Browsing) 
  5. When login with APP, please open the authorized link which authorized the device switch back to APP if it's not occurred automatically. 
  6. Please open the latest authorized email if you happen to see more than one. 
  7. Please check SPAM or Trash inbox in case you didn't receive the device authorization email.

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