Users' ownerships to assets

Q: If this is truly my personal digital wallet, I’d like to understand how can I retrieve my digital assets if MaiCoin discontinues its operations, or MaiCoin is hacked?

  • The first situation is when hackers log in to your MaiCoin account with your email address and password to remove your digital assets from your public addresses, then it’s impossible to recover the loss.

  • The second situation is that hackers log in to the platform from MaiCoin’s side, and remove your digital assets from the platform. This is a different case from the first situation as MaiCoin will be responsible for users’ loss due to the security vulnerabilities on MaiCoin’s side.

  • The third case is if MaiCoin decides to discontinue its operations, and the assets have yet to be retrieved by the users, the users are still entitled to full ownerships in the possessed assets.

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