About MaiCoin PAY

  1. What is MaiCoin PAY?
    MaiCoin PAY is a payment service provided by MaiCoin, where consumers can use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods or service purchases. Consumers can make payments to merchants with cryptocurrency balances in their MaiCoin wallet. MaiCoin PAY is a simple, instant, and secure cryptocurrency payment service.
  2. Can I use MaiCoin PAY with my account?
    Your account must pass Level 1 (or above) identity verification to use the MaiCoin PAY payment service.
  3. Which cryptocurrencies does MaiCoin PAY support?
    MaiCoin PAY supports USDT, USDC, MAX, BTC, and ETH. The actual currency for payment is determined by the merchant and may vary from one merchant to another. Please confirm with the merchant at the time of payment.

MaiCoin PAY Payment

  1. How to make online store payments?
    On your mobile phone: When checking out at an online store, select MaiCoin PAY as your payment method. You will be automatically redirected to the MaiCoin App, where payment information will be displayed for your confirmation and completion.
    On your PC/laptop: When checking out at an online store, select MaiCoin PAY as your payment method, and the webpage will display a payment QR Code. Tap on the MaiCoin PAY icon on the MaiCoin App home and scan the QR Code to complete the payment.
  2. How to make payments at retail stores?
    After the store staff enters the checkout amount, they will present a QR Code to the consumer. Consumers can tap on the MaiCoin PAY icon on the MaiCoin App home and scan the QR Code to complete the payment.
  3. How long does it take to complete a transaction?
    The payment is completed instantly. Once you confirm the payment and pass the security verification, the pay amount will be deducted from your wallet immediately, and the payment will be completed. MaiCoin PAY payments are not on-chain.
  4. How can I confirm if the payment was successful?
    You can instantly view the payment results on the app screen or check on the transaction history page.
  5. Is there a fee for using MaiCoin PAY?
    Using MaiCoin PAY for payments is fee-free.
  6. Is there any cashback/reward for payments?
    It depends on the MaiCoin’s or merchant's promotions. Follow the MaiCoin LINE official account to stay updated on the latest promotional information.
  7. I've completed the payment. How can I cancel or request a refund?
    Once the payment is completed, it cannot be canceled. Please double-check before confirming your payment. Refund policies are determined by the store, so if you have a refund request, it's recommended to directly contact the merchant for more immediate assistance.
  8. What are the reasons for payment failure?
    You can instantly check the reasons for payment failure on the app's payment screen or transaction history page. Common reasons include order expiration, insufficient wallet balance, and so on.
    Order expiration: You can follow the merchant's instructions to recreate the order or proceed with the payment again.
    Insufficient balance: You can receive or purchase cryptocurrencies to ensure you have sufficient balance.
    You can also contact the MaiCoin customer service center for payment details.

MaiCoin PAY for Merchants

  1. How can I become a MaiCoin PAY merchant?
    Please contact MaiCoin to set up an account and sign relevant contracts. For more information, please refer to the website.

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