2022/6/14 Introducing Recurring Orders

Dear Users,

We’re thrilled to introduce the new service - Recurring Orders. This service allows you to automate the periodic investment into your favorite crypto.

A short introduction of Recurring Orders:

  • Equivalent to the dollar-cost-averaging strategy in traditional finance that enables recurring purchases of ETFs and blue-chip stocks, MaiCoin Recurring Orders allows you to set the parameters and fully automate this strategy.
  • Simply set the amount you’d like to invest, frequency, and fund your account before the order date, and this trading bot will be ready to implement your customized DCA strategy to accumulate your holdings. MaiCoin offers daily, weekly, and monthly recurring orders, providing the maximum level of flexibility.
  • To automate the experience, please refer to the steps below:
    • Setting the recurring order parameters:
      • Input the amount of base (i.e. buy 1 BTC per month etc.) or quote currency (i.e. invest 3,000 TWD per month etc.). The minimum required investment shall be at least 1,000 TWD or equivalent.
      • Choose the frequency of the purchases, only one day is allowed for weekly and monthly intervals.
    • Set recurring automated bank transfers to your MaiCoin virtual account number on your banking app. The dates of the bank transfers should be earlier than the dates of each upcoming order. 

To learn more, please visit the FAQs of Recurring Orders.

Thank you.


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