2019/12/23 MAX Referral Program

Program rules

  • Affiliates can earn 70% of referrals’ trading commission by staking at least 5,000 MAX tokens. If an affiliate stakes less than 5,000 MAX tokens, then affiliates will earn 35% of referrals’ trading commission.
  • Referrals that sign up using an affiliate link after 12/23/2019 will receive a 20% discount on trading fees for six months from their signup date.
  • This program is available to users of all levels, including Level 1.


  • Affiliates will receive referral commissions in the same token that the referral pays for transaction fees. If the referral uses MAX token to receive a trading discount and pay for the fee, the affiliate will receive MAX tokens. If referrals' trading fee is paid in NTD, then affiliates will receive their commission in USDT.
  • Affiliates will only receive referral commission for trading activity after 12/23/2019
  • Referral commissions are calculated and distributed at 00:35 AM (UTC +8) every day.
  • MAX reserves the right to adjust referral rates, promotion rules and rights at any time. 
  • If MAX detects any manipulation of the program (by referrals or affiliates), all referrals will be canceled and all referral commission and discounts will be canceled.

Other problems

Q1:I forgot to put on the referral code, can I get the 20% discount on trading fees by adding it?

A:Any member who registers after the referral program can enjoy 20% discount for trading fee, just add the referral code will do.

Q2:Does the discount start from the day I add the referral code?

A:It starts from the very day you registered

Q3:I am a member before the referral program. Can I get the trading discount by filling out the referral code?

A:You are unable to get the discount even if you add the referral code. However, your affiliate can be benefit from the referral commissions.

Q4:Can I refer anyone who register later than I did?

A:You can only input a referral code from our member who has registered

Q5:Can I reattach to another affiliate?

A:The referral code is unchangeable after you submit, please make sure before you input a code.

Q6:I am an eligible referral. Can I enjoy both discounts on trading fees of the referral program and MAX Token?

A:YES! You will get 60% off discount in total.

Q7:When will the commission distribute?

A:The commissions will be settled at 00:35 am everyday and distribute before 01:00 am.

Q8:Can I get extra MAX Token by making deals on MAX?

A:We replaced the transaction mining reward with this brand new referral program. You can increase your benefit easily from each referral!

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