About Yield

  • What is Yield?
    • Yield is a functionality that enables users to obtain a return on their idle assets while preserving the flexibility for instant trading and withdrawals. Users will receive yield payments as specified in MAX’s Current Annual Percentage Rate for forming a loan contract with MAX. MAX will settle the yield payments on a daily basis in accordance to the applicable annual yield rate at the time of the settlement. To learn more, please refer to our Yield Service Agreement (“agreement”).  
  • What are the protections of user rights?
    • MAX will assume liabilities for its activities associated with the assets (except for conditions specified in the agreement) and distribute yield to qualified users pursuant to the agreement and the latest current annual yield rate. 
  • Is the expected annual yield rate a fixed rate ? 
  • How to enable Yield?
    • On App: Go to “Profile” >  “Gain Yield on Idle Assets” > Turn on the settings for the coins you’d like to gain yield on > Agree to the yield service agreement > Start accruing daily yield.
      • app URL: max://profile/yield
    • On Web: Click on your account name / email > Enter “Preference” > Look for “Gain Yield on Idle Assets” section > enable the coins you’d like to gain yield on > Agree to the yield service agreement > Start accruing daily yield.
  • Can I choose the amount allocated for yield accrual and is there a cap for yield?
    • No, Yield supports on/off toggle for its settings. The entire balance on users’ account will be counted towards yield accrual if the settings are enabled. If you would like to terminate the accrual, you can disable the settings.
    • Currently there’s no cap on the amount to accrue yield, but MAX reserves the rights to modify the conditions at its discretion any time.
  • Who is qualified for this feature? 
    • Any users with account level of Level 1 or above can access this feature.
    • Yield is only applicable to assets in spot wallets.
    • Yield settings can be changed once every 24 hours. If users modify the settings before the yield is distributed, users will lose the payment of the day as the minimum available amount is considered zero.
    • Please note: If you’re downgraded to Level 0 due to identity verifications, you won’t be able to receive yield until your account level returns to Level 1 or Level 2.
  • Does Yield affect my ability to utilise my assets? 
    • No. The sole purpose of Yield is to allow users to accrue additional yield on their idle assets while maintaining the flexibility for instant trading or withdrawals. If the users would like to stop gaining yield on coins, simply go to the settings and disable the selected coins. 
  • How is yield calculated ? 
    • The amount for daily yield accrual is the minimum available amount (excluding the locked balance) of the day. The minimum available amount is considered zero if users disable/enable Yield before the distribution of the day occurs.
    • Period for calculation: 00:00 - 23:59 (UTC+8) daily.
    • Distribution of yield: Distributions are expected to occur at 6:30am (UTC+8) the next day.
    • Expected yield: applicable amount for yield calculation * expected annual yield rate * duration (1 day) / 365 days (1 year).
    • Example: 
      • If you have a balance of 100,000 USDT as the applicable amount for yield calculation with a duration of 1 day and an expected annual yield rate of 1% at the time of the yield payment calculation, your accrued yield of the day will be:
        100,000 * 1% * (1 / 365) = 2.73972602 USDT (round down to the smallest decimal places allowed for the coin). If the above assumptions hold and you continue to accrue yield for 365 days, your expected yield will be 2.73972602 USDT * 365 days = 1,000 USDT.
    • MAX stipulates the minimum amount for yield calculations. If users’ applicable amount for yield calculation falls below the following minimum amount requirement, there will be no payments distributed:
      • USDT: at least 1 USDT
      • USDC: at least 1 USDC
      • BTC: at least 0.00 BTC
      • ETH: at least 0.001 ETH
      • Please note: Yield payments will be rounded down to the smallest decimal places supported by the coin. 
  • What’s the terms of Yield? 
  • Can I enable newly supported coins by default in the future should they become available for Yield?
    • Yes. When you agree to the terms specified in Yield Service Agreement, you are indicating that that you’d like to accrue yield on coins that might be available in the future. This means once new coins become available in Yield, participating users’ Yield setting are enabled by default. If users decline to participate, users are free to disable the settings anytime. 
    • Please note: Once you enable/disable Yield for the selected coin, there’s a 24 hour waiting period for further setting modifications of that coin. 

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